Postman Hits

What is Postman

Postman Hits is an Advertising Platform where you can promote your website or affiliate program. You can earn traffic by viewing other members sites or you can buy affordable advertising packages.

Note: Postman Hits is NOT an Internet Investment Program, Matrix, MLM or "Get Rich Quick Scheme". Postman Hits is NOT a paid to click, paid to surf or paid to promote program.

We are a Quality Advertising Platform, a Manual Traffic Exchange and our aim is to provide real and quality traffic to your websites!

Is Postman Hits Free to Join?

YES, Postman Hits is Free to Join. When you first sign up for Postman, you are a Free Member. You can remain a Free Member for as long as you wish, and you can buy affordable advertising packages to promote your business.
However, If you want to receive the maximum benefits, unlock all the features and have access to all our exclusive tools and promotional materials, you can choose one of our higher level upgrades.

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services where affiliates and web site owners trade traffic. Other members of Postman Hits will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members. You can promote your Website, Blog or Affiliate program, Text Ads, 468x60 Banners and 125x125 Square Banners.

How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members. You will receive Ad Views for every site you view. Your site will receive one hit for each Ad View that you assign to your site.

Just Joined, but I can't login in?

Check your inbox for our welcome message. You must verify your account by clicking the verify link in the mail you received when you signed up. If you didn't receive the verification message, please send us a support ticket but do not use the same email address as you used to sign up with. Please use a Gmail address, and make sure to whitelist:

Lost Password?

Go in the login page and click "Lost Password" You will receive a mail with your new password. Later, you can generate a new one from your members area in the Profile page.

Do I have any Additional Rewards?

You can earn commissions from ONLY your 1st level referral purchases and upgrades, and a % additional Ad Views from your referrals surfing. You can also earn extra prizes and additional free advertising as a bonus for using our service.

When do we get paid?

All Members are paid Cash once a week. Payout at $ 10.00 For All Members.
Complete your account PROFILE so we can pay you your commissions.
Important Note: Please read also our Terms of Service.

What is your Refund Policy?

No Refunds. All payments made for Advertising, upgrades or any other purchases made on
Postman Hits are absolutely final and non-refundable.

My Account has been suspended?

An account is suspended if violate our Terms Of Service or if you fail a certain number of security checks.
If this happens, please contact our support desk.

How can I delete my account?

If for any reason you no longer want to hold an account with us you can logging in and clicking delete account on your PROFILE page.

My Question Isn't Listed On This Page..

Please read also our Terms of Service Here... and our Privacy Policy Here... or click the button below to contact us.

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